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  • : Les hauts (himalayens) et les bas (chutes et autres de 22 metres) de ma vie from down under... Ma vie depuis mon départ pour Sydney en 2005...
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7 novembre 2010 7 07 /11 /novembre /2010 09:33


With Mark and Sanna at L'Absinthe... Our first beer, more to come... And good laughs of course... Avec Mark et Sanna a L'Absinthe pour notre premiere biere durant leur visite en France a la mi-Septembre... Sans eux je ne serai pas reste aussi longtemps en Australie. On s'etait vraiment recree un petit monde super sympa tous les trois. 


Hi guys


Mid of September Mark and Sanna came to visit myself in Orleans on their way to Aix-en Provence. One of Mark’s friend, Loic a French buddy, and Maddy an ozy girl were geeting married over there so my ex-flatemates stopped in Orleans for a couple of nights. And honestly it was great time to see them after more than one year away. I was so happy to share a good beer with them, to show Orleans, to present my sister, my nephew Victor and my niece Louise. M&S only knew my parents, they met them in Sydney, before this trip to France. So the first day we went to L’Absinthe a french beer bar that I really do like. I think as soon as any oz-oz will come to visit me they will discover L’Absinthe and their 300 more beers. We had a couple of ‘crepes’ and of course good laugh and good memories of the three and half years we shared at the Unit 1001, 1 Boomerang Place… Without them I would not have stayed so long in Australia, I am positive about this...


On the way back from Aix, we went for a walk to see the Loire river and afterwards had diner at my parents’ place. During three hours we just spoke about all the funny and stupid things we did together, all the bike ridings, bad habits I had… My sister could see some videos when I lived with them. It was great time. We had a ‘tarte tatin’ as I made some in Sydney. One month after this I went to visit Mark’s parents in south UK… But it is an other article which will come in a couple of week time.


I wanted to come in Australia for New Year Eave because I do miss it but with my very little head I forgot that my sister should give birth to her third baby on Christmas Day… Oups… She was not very happy to discover I was on the way to miss this moment. So I hope to come down sometimes during 2011 but don’t know when yet… I wanted to see Mark and Sannas’ new place, to go windsurfing with Oscar, have a beer at The Lord Nelson Hotel it was my first goals… And to go to Jervis Bay as well…


I hope you are fine, see you




You can have a look at my videos on the following link: http://www.dailymotion.com/lenortien


Jetez un coup d'oeil a mes videos sur le lien suivant: http://www.dailymotion.com/lenortien

2010 0408 thumb

A second beer with Marky B as we did like to at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Sydney... We shared so many beers together talking about cars, about UK, french burning-cars, about girls... Encore une petite biere avec Marky B. comme quand on aimait aller au Lord Nelson Hotel, notre pub favoris. On en a partage bcp des bieres ensemble en discutant de voitures (sa passion...), de voitures brulees en France, de nanas...


Beer, beer, beer....


Mark trying to take a photo...


View of Orleans... The Cathedrale...


On the main place, La Place du Martroi where there is a Jeanne d'Arc statute...

photo 3

With my lovely Sanna...

photo 2

My father showing our Panhard-Levassor to MarkyB... I am sure he has never seen any down under...

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